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This foundational ten-hour seminar is designed to help pastors lead their church in an effective and personalized world missions ministry. The ten instructional sessions provide the Biblical foundation and motivation for a church to establish an effective world missions ministry. The sessions will present an overview of five time-tested tools that have been utilized worldwide to lead congregations to become personally and meaningfully involved in taking the gospel to the corners of the globe.


Did you know you can host a world impact seminar?

Ten Sessions

  • The Bible – The foundation for world evangelism
  • The Church – God’s channel for world evangelization
  • The Task – Is it really possible to complete?
  • Personalization – The missing ingredient
  • Developing and maintaining a world missions conference
  • Developing and maintaining a short term ministry
  • Developing and maintaining personalized giving
  • Developing and maintaining personalized prayer
  • Developing a world missions committee
  • Dynamics for implementing a personalized world missions ministry

Exciting News! the World Impact Seminar is being made available online. We look forward to being able to offer all the seminar content to anyone who wants to learn in an online format from wherever they are. If you are interested in learning more about taking the seminar course online, click the button below.