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Mengistu Legesse is our Envoy International Director in Ethiopia and Sudan. His heart for missions is evident as he goes to difficult places to help churches by teaching Biblical truths, but also by using his hands-on skills in construction.  

This is one of the churches that Envoy, working through Mengistu’s local church, is helping to get up and running. This local church has been meeting and worshipping in cramped spaces for a while and so this new construction will help with the growing church.

Envoy International always partners with the local pastors and churches so that the indigenous local churches do not become dependent on a foreign helper.

This particular church is eight hours away from Khartoum to South Gedarrif in an area called Rashid.  The people in this area are Nubians.  They started building their church and then Envoy was able to step in and assist in buying some more construction supplies.

What could you use a bunch of old 50-gallon drums for? There is an evangelist in a difficult place that needed help to buy a donkey so that he could haul water to people in the village to help support himself. He had a very good idea to use 50-gallon drums that could be hauled on a small cart. Envoy International is involved in helping people have businesses that can help them be involved in ministry. Envoy International helps with these small business ventures through the local church.