Envoy International


GO! This instruction is as relevant today as it was when Jesus spoke it nearly 2000 years ago
During these unprecedented times, the Good News is being taken to more people, in more countries, and in more ways than ever before. God is raising up a new group of people personally committed to being Christ’s ambassadors to the unreached areas of the world.

In the midst of these exciting times, the Church is faced with a great challenge. Who will SEND these new recruits? Who will be willing to train and to support these new missionaries? Most local churches lack the knowledge, training and resources to become strategically involved in the sending out of these new missionaries.

The Purpose of Envoy International
To help the local church develop and implement personalized involvement in world evangelization and discipleship

Envoy has developed two World Mission Seminars targeted specifically for pastors and church leaders.

World Impact Seminar – This foundational seminar is designed as the first step to help pastors lead their church in an effective and personalized world missions ministry

Leadership Consultation Seminar – This advanced seminar builds upon Envoy’s basic World Impact Seminar. Designed to help move the local church to a new level of involvement, this seminar is filled with proven methods to help enhance the effectiveness of the church’s ongoing world missions ministry.