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Envoy International

About Us

Founded in 1996 by David Andersen, Envoy helps local churches with little or no involvement in world missions to become actively and strategically involved in helping to fulfill God’s Big Plan, world evangelization. During David’s 31 years in the pastorate, he lead his churches into a personal involvement by taking the congregations out of the pew and into the world through short-term cross-cultural ministries.

David’s passion for reaching the world has taken Rev. Andersen to more than 50 countries, we he has ministered and gained greater insight into this Unfinished Task. Realizing that there is a great need to develop new SENDING churches, he began working full-time with churches overseas, teaching them the principles he used during his 31 years in the pastorate. He has proven that these basic principles will work, regardless of culture or country.

Working with David, Wick Jackson and Lisa VanCamp focus their love for world missions in South America and Central America respectively. Both Wick and Lisa have dedicated their lives towards the furtherance of world missions and use their God given talents to help the churches in Latin America realize how they can become involved in God’s big plan for the world, “that everyone in the whole world would know, love and worship God and His Son Jesus Christ”.

Envoy International is organized as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization funded exclusively by the gifts of individuals and church’s. To become a financial partner with Envoy contact the administrative office.